By Fadia Bint Ismail


The Bleeding aching feeling inside my heart.

The pain that is tearing me part. It keeps getting stronger.

My Body feels paralyzed my knees and head on the ground.

I am crying out. “Allah please help me, please take this pain away”

My eyes sweltering with tears the warmness of my sorrow.

My endless suffering suffocating my entire soul.

The Quran in the palm of my hands.

Every word uttered makes me wail even more, but unknowingly the sense of calmness surrounds me.

As I repeat” Allah is sufficient for me, there is none worthy of worship besides Him”

The anguish and despair in my heart slowly dissipates.

The coolness of my eyes dries up.

The sense of relief yet sweet embrace of Allah surrounds my heart.

The feeling of Hope and Faith is once again restored.