May the grace and mercy of Almighty Allah prevail upon you eternally. Ameen.


As you read this, there are numerous wars and conflicts raging around the world.  Although we will only see a few of them on our television sets, one fact is certain – over 80% of war casualties are civilians, mainly women and children.


Some may argue that such statistics and numbers are meaningless, But the fact that many of the wars in this decade are fought in the developing world – Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, to name but a few – makes these statistics sickeningly real and very relevant.


This is why Muslim Hands has launched the Green Ribbon Week to raise funds to support the innocent children affected by war and poverty. Funds are used to provide medical care, trauma therapy, school equipment and homes for children in some of the worlds most devastated countries. We make shukr to Allah for His Mercy in protecting us and our children from such suffering.

For this event we would like to appeal to the public  to help us raise funds for the Children of War by selling the Green Ribbons. Each ribbon will cost R 5. By simply wearing a Green Ribbon you can help improve the lives of many children worldwide.

Contact Muslim Hands to order your Green Ribbons. (021) 633 6413 or visit us at 1 Carnie Road Rylands. Find out more about our Green Ribbon Initiative at

Banking Details:

Standard Bank

Account Number: 071 621 881

Br Code: 031110

Collect your ribbons at our office.

Help us provide relief to those children suffering through War and Poverty.