Author “Amira Ayad”


I have read this book “The True Secret” and i can positively say that it is a must read for everyone.

A few things i would like to share from the book.

“If you want to do anything you should do it only to seek the pleasure of Allah”

“did you realize what the True Secret to success is? “It is sincerity to Allah”

“Acting out of pure intention and sincere devotion to Allah can totally change ones life”

“sincerity is the essence of faith”

“Sincerity and integrity are required to straighten out worldly matters”

“It is a deep feeling rooted inside your Heart” (Sincerity)

There are two primary elements to the true meaning of worship

  1. The feeling that we are servants of Allah
  2. We should devote our entire selves to him

“Intention is the true driving force behind the action of any person|

“We are sincere first to our one and only creator, to Allah. This life is not our ultimate goal”

“Happiness is an inner feeling, it is the contentment and satisfaction of your soul”

The Prophet Muhammed said “Seek help of Allah and do not be frustrated. if something befalls you, do not say: if i had done this such and such would have happened. Say: Allah decreed and what Allah wills, he does. Indeed, the word “if” opens the door for evil” (Muslim)

Heal your soul while seeking a cure for your body”

“Care about what you are doing and always do your best, while seeking only the pleasure of Allah”

“To love, in the true Islamic meaning is to relate everything we love to Allah”

“Love for the sake of Allah and be sincere in your love”

“Difficult situations may not always mean deprivation, grief or melancholy, they may on contrary mean happiness, extravagance, abundance and riches”

“You need to believe in yourself and your abilities”

“You always need to check and ensure that you maintain your Islamic values, ethics and integrity”

Abu Darda said: “Allah has a right over you, so give everyone his/her due right”

Purify your heart and soul, believe in yourself and your abilities and have total unconditional faith in your Creator, only then will you change your life for the better”

“To create change in your life you have to start working on your thoughts and beliefs”

“Unethical behaviors may bring temporary riches but they never bring true happiness or satisfaction. They may feed one’s greed, but they surely deplete ones soul”

“Truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to paradise”

“Have confidence in yourself and recognize that Allah created you with many capabilities. Dont ever let people discourage you or lead you away from your important goals”

” Believe in your self worth and potential” Nothing can defeat you”

“Believe deep in your soul that your connection with Allah is the true source of your power and strength”

Muhammed Al Ghazali said: “Do not ask Allah to reduce your burden but ask Him to strengthen your back to carry the load”

“Your true secret is the source of your strength, confidence, persistence and perseverance”

“Do not make yourself worthless”

“We are nothing without Allah”

“Do not put Allah on trial about something he pre-ordained”

“Our misery lies in our inability to appreciate all of our blessings”

“You have to look within your heart to find inner peace and contentment”

“A vision can only be changed to reality when it finds someone to make it his or her true vocation”


This book has helped me in so many ways on how to find true contentment in my life as well as helping me create a step by step guide to evaluate myself and my goals.