By Fadia Bint Ismail

Project Rationale

Oranje Kloof Moor Primary Hout Bay (Inspection)

C/O Main and Hughenden Roads Hout Bay

On the 21st of January 2014 I and Ameer went out to Oranje Kloof Moor Primary situated in Hout Bay this is a Non Fee school as students are not able to pay school fees. We chose this school for the items that we will be receiving from the National Police Convoy.  When we arrived at the school we met with the principal Ms Makae. We then discussed the requirements of the school and what exactly they need. Prior to meeting with the principal I emailed a list of items which we have without Quantities from there she ticked off the items they need. The principal assured us that she will be doing an inspection of every class to calculate the quantities this list will be emailed to me. Oranje Kloof Moor Primary consists of 1 150 students from Grade R till Grade 7 there are in total 25 classrooms, some classes consists of 36 to 40 pupils. The school also has a feeding scheme which is provided by Peninsula School Feeding, meals are provided for breakfast and lunch as many students go hungry every day. The meals provided are porridge, soy beans, milk, apples, carrots, and rice and meali meal. The students are mainly from the Mandela Township. I also discussed the situation with some of the kids, I was informed by the social worker that many children do not have parents; this has a great effect on the child with regards to learning and motivation. There are also volunteers who assist the children to read, as well as a social worker Mary Beth from the United States who is part of Ubuntu for Africa which is an organisation that manager’s social work, counselling and remedial.

An inspection was done by me and Ameer, pictures were taken of every class we discovered that the computer lab which is equipped with 20 computers also houses the library. The principal instructed that the intention is to separate the two because storage at the school is a big problem. Every class inspected was very dilapidated and requires maintenance, storage and some requires desks as some of the children have to sit on the floor. The only thing provided by government to the school is the curriculum text books.  The structure itself of the school and classrooms is made from brick and some classes are situated in containers. Overall their conditions are very bad especially with ventilation and lighting. The offices also require maintenance and storage facilities.

A list of items from the list was ticked off the school requires: (quantities are yet to be provided)

  • Boxes of A4 paper – Grade 7 classes
  • Bookshelves
  • Clip files/ Flip files
  • Whiteboards
  • Notice boards
  • First Aid Kits

Overall we believe that this school is in dire need of assistance and they are willing to accept any help where possible.





On the 28th of January 2014 the consignment from UK arrived. Muslim Hands staff members and volunteer workers sorted out the items from the container. Oranje Kloof Moor Primary situated in Hout Bay this is a Non Fee school as students are not able to pay school fees. We chose this school because they require items which government does not provide to them.  A truck was loaded with the goods and we made our way to the school.  The distribution took place over 2 days.

Items that were provided for the school:

  • 78 school desks
  • 62 chairs, blue, purple and brown
  • 17 tables for Gr R students
  • 6 Book shelves
  • Some educational books
  • 2 bags of sports equipment (Hurdles)
  • Notice Boards
  • Whiteboards
  • A4 White paper

Many of the items were utilized in the schools computer lab as well as being able to set up many of the classrooms with desks. The bookshelves were also used in the principal’s office as there was very limited storage space.

When we were offloading the items, many of the school kids came out to help. They were very delighted to receive these items. Some of the kids sat with some of the educational books that were provided to them.


Project Summary

Ameer, Fadia, Shuaib, Gamiet and volunteers arrived at Oranje Kloof Moor Primary. The children made their way to the truck to help offload some of the items. Many classes were furnished with school desks and children were now able to have their own desks as many were sitting on the floors.

Muslim Hands was also complimented by one of the heads of the City of Cape Town educational department for their contribution to the computer lab at Oranje Kloof Moor Primary which was furnished with chairs.

Miss Makae the principal expressed her delight and was very grateful to Muslim Hands.