By Fadia Bint Ismail


My Faithful heart.

You always seem to tear it apart.

The constant heartache.

My emotions are out of control.

My raising pulse. My heart beating, thumping.

The Rage inside of me.

My tears slowly falling as I try to keep my composure.

I do not want to risk Exposure.

The shackles of torment consume my mind.

Tormenting my every thought.

My entire body feels paralyzed this feeling I wish would surpass.

Amidst the darkness I stand ready to set this place ablaze.

Ready to free myself from the shackles of torment which consumes my faithful heart.

The stirring feeling inside my heart drives me to the brink of depression.

My head in my palms, the wailing of my voice.

Set me free from this oppression.

Release me from the torment.

Protect my Faithful Heart.