By Fadia Bint Ismail

I remember the day I met you. It feels like yesterday

 I never thought my heart would feel such love.

You were truly sent from the One up above.

I smile. I Laugh. My heart beats so fast. I hope this feeling will always last.

 They say a women’s love should be so lost in Allah that a man would have to search to find her.

 You have found me. By Allah’s will you have found me.

And finally I have found you.

 You have entered my life and you have entered like this.

You supplied the smile and the laughter that only you possess.

 When you look at me how do I explain the feeling.

 When you take my hand I wish you would never let go and when you speak

I am lost.

I am enchanted for I know Allah has brought you to me.

 Allah has united our hearts and led us onto this great path. I can only hope and make Dua that this love will increase. Never to decrease.

 You walked into my life. You showed me a whole new way.

A way that led me to Allah.

 I will show you my true devotion.

 My true love which is for the sake of Allah