By Fadia Bint Ismail

By the soul and (by) Him who made it perfect, and then inspired it to understand what is wrong and what is right for it. truly successful the one who purifies (his soul). (Holy Qur’an, 91: 7-9)

Everyday we are faced with many obstacles good and bad. Good situations, good people and vice versa. With all good comes a certain amount of bad.

The blessed month of Ramadaan is upon us and during this month Shaytaan (The Devil) is shackled. What does this mean? for one what ever we decide to do in this month comes from ourselves, our Nafs, our own soul and i believe what ever good or bad you do truly reflects your true character. What you decide to do in Ramaadan is who you really are. This is the true reflection of your inner self and your character.

Ramadaan is suppose to be a month of self purification, reflection and Ibadah.

Ramadaan is suppose to be the best month of the entire year when the entire Ummah joins together in peace and justice to leave aside their worldly lives to be in constant Ibadah and worship to our One and Only Creator.

This month of Ramadaan is the month of the Quran.  We should take heed of what is written in the Quran about how to conduct ourselves within the blessed month. Not only this month but each and every single day of our lives. Every verse, every Ayah has a message for each of us. Why then do we ignore Allah’s divine message. The Quran is a guide to help us through our lives. The Nabi (SAW) character and way of living should be a constant reminder for us, we should learn to implement it into our daily lives.

Is your life truly in your own hands that you can constantly do things to your own whims and fancies. Why do people continue to believe that their life is in their own hands and that they can mistreat others. Do they not believe that Allah is all powerful and he sees everything. He sees when his slaves are in distress, he sees their misdeeds, their good deeds and he certainly will punish those who are oppressors. So which side would you want to be on? Right now decide?

do you want to be alone in this Dunyah with no direction but from your own Nafs? or do you want to be directed by the one and only true divine Allah (SWT) ? 

No matter who you are, A Scholar of Deen, A high powered executive which ever your status remember this. You may be flying high now but Allah will surely test you with wealth and poverty, with health and sickness and most of all you will always remain a slave no matter what status you want to give yourself in this Dunyah. People in power who abuse their authority, who abuse others, respect is earned it can never be forced on others.  We all have flaws but Allah gives us the chance to correct ourselves and to come back to him.

In this blessed month of Ramadaan make a choice. make the right choice to change for the better before it is to late. Choose the Akhirah not this Dunyah.