Hi all my readers and fellow bloggers

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog.
I am finally back . during my time away I have ventured out through cape town Alhamdulilah having my family with me has been a blessing.
First and foremost I should say shukr to Allah for giving me the immense blessings he has brought in my life.
When one door closes another door opens.
These words sore through my head daily. Making me realize each and everyday how little time we have on this Dunyah and how Allah will always provide for us even when we think things are unbearable.
We sit wondering why won’t my time just come not realising that even in ease Allah’s tests us.
Even in difficulty he tests us only to make us stronger to rely solely on him.
Purifying us and creating us into better Muslims
Alhamdulilah….have a wonderful day everyone.