By Fadia Bint Ismail

It has truly dawned upon me that Ramadan just started but now it is already ending

Does it not make you wonder how precious time really is ?

Do you not wonder how our life passes us by in a blink of an eye ?

Ramadan is a precious time where we can reflect and renew ourselves it is a time where we can truly see how much control our Naafs truly has on us.

I have written before about Ramadan and the ways in which one could change and the beauty of this month but i think every Ramadan is a different experience and i definately experienced alot thus far, there were good moments and moments of struggle.

It is now the last ten days of the Ramadan, time has really flown by so quickly i think the best way to evaluate your Ramadan thus far is to ask yourself what you did in the first ten days compared to what you have changed in the last ten days. Nothing is perfect and everyday will be a struggle, no Human being is perfect and everyone’s level of Eemaan changes. Sometimes you can find yourself on a high level of spiritually but then there are times when your levels are not so satisfactory but Allah challenges us only to help to remind us of his bounties and to be greatful each and everyday.

This is the essence of Ramadan remembering what you have good or bad Allah challenges us all whether we are rich or poor we all have to face the same tune one day Inshallah.

Well the blessed Month of Ramadan is not yet complete so i hope Inshallah to reach the end with the blessings of Allah (SWT).