By Fadia Bint Ismail

What is the True Value of Success ?

We all have many goals, desires and fantasies which I believe are always attainable it just depends on how we go about achieving success which will determine whether or not it is truly valuable and beneficial to our lives.

Sometimes we believe that we will study become rich or to become famous and that those successes fulfill us but the more we want the more unsatisfied we become, when this starts to happen then the true value of success is completely lost to us.

Well a little about myself…I strived to make sure that I worked hard where secular education was concerned I think after a period of time this goal became so vapid that I lost interest in the purpose of it and thus Allah lead me onto a different path I guess I can say there is a certain period in our lives that some how or the other we are lead onto a different path…you see this is a test from Allah and he gives us things that He feels is the best for us, and so I let go of my desire to work for the corporate world and my life had more balance. I think if I had to work immediately in that type of environment I would of suffered just as how they say to much of a good thing can destroy a person.

So to me the True Value of Success is having

  1. Balance in ones life

Balance in ones life means being able to achieve our goals but with the belief that everything in our lives has a purpose and that purpose is that Allah provides us with the ability to achieve our goals and to truly achieve the actual true value of success is only when we realize this fact.

We may be rich and famous but if our lives are so consumed only by what we need materially and we forget that All things come from our creator then that is not True Success.

We can all become successful but it is how we go about our daily lives, what our inner souls possess, what we feel our key purpose on this Dunyah is that will determine our Value of Success.