By Fadia Bint Ismail

As simple as it may seem many of us women struggle with the choice of whether or not too wear Hijaab. Although it is compulsory to wear it the struggle is still real.

We all make the choice in some part of our life whether from a young age or when we are older. I myself went through what many of you may be facing.

Growing up I always knew that Hijaab was something I had to wear and having worn hijab all my life…going from wearing Hijaab with T-shirts, tight jeans not completely covered but still wearing it either half on my head, half off or around my neck I knew this was a was like the old people use to say “what if you die in the road who is going to know that you are Muslim” My Grandmother (May Allah grant her a high place in Jannah Inshallah) use to be super strict when it came too wearing Hijaab and I use to be in my rebellious phase where I would not understand the importance of it and when I look back at the things she taught me and said too me I realize that valuable information was of great importance and some how made me who I am today.

And so many years ago I took the plunge and changed my dress completely and started wearing Hijaab full time. It had its challenges especially in summer and people use to come up too me and ask..” Are you not getting hot” I would smile and say I am use too it already” I feel covering yourself up is a protection against the sun..and I for one dislike the sun a lot (chuckles)….

Many women I see are wearing beautiful Hijaab’s MashAllah, some have Turbans or simple Hijaab’s, whatever works for you right now..use that and eventually you will get to that stage and point in your life with Allah’s guidance InshAllah.

Whenever I see someone who is not wearing Hijaab I do not judge them because I know I went through the same thing but I will say that with growth and age comes understanding and wisdom, and when you understand our glorious Deen more and more you realize that many things in life are easier too do and implement.

Islam was not created too make our lives difficult but too help us live more peacefully and helping us have a better way of life.

So my advice is ..if you are having trouble getting yourself too wear Hijaab, take it in stages but don’t ever disregard what is compulsory for us.

More topics on Hijaab will follow Inshallah.

keep calm and wear Hijaab 🙂