By Fadia Bint Ismail

I always think to myself I have not had the life experience of those around me and sometimes part of me feels like I missed out on so many things…but those are just things and everyone’s path is directed toward something different, by the Will and Power of Allah (SAW).

I listened to a very good lecture by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan, he has been one of my inspirations. His lectures are simple and easy to understand and he discusses things that directly affect each and every one of us. His lecture titled “Get through hard times with patience” …easier said than done right ? but when I thought about what he said, each and everything in our life is a gift from Allah, any problems we face are not permanent.

One of the most difficult things that I see from others close to me is that when they believe they have everything they kind of loose their dependency on Allah, and this is where they go wrong because everything we have only comes from  one source and that is from Allah.

Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan always says that we should train our heart and our tongue because what our tongue says our heart feels and this is usually how people create opinions about us, bad or good.

Please guys listen to his lectures…..and don’t form bad opinions like others who have listened to him saying..” oh he doesn’t wear a fez in his lectures on Youtube” a Fez doesn’t make you a good scholar…just look at those Ulemah who dress in turbans and long cloaks …are they perfect and more pious..

So listen to him and tell me what you think …

My Inspiration…Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan