By Fadia Bint Ismail

I listened to a very interesting lecture by Sh Mirza Yawar Baig about how to unlock your heart and how sometimes certain things causes our hearts to be blind.

For the most part i believe many of us and even myself fail to comprehend or to ascertain what is true and what is not and i think that Mirza Yawar Baig’s lecture really brought a new way of looking at things that may be affecting us in ways we fail to understand.

There are many things we can do to unleash this power of truly unlocking the things in our hearts that are holding us back but the greatest gift we have is the Quran which is a true reminder for us all as well as a reflection.

You need to ask yourself whether your heart is locked or is it open…and how will you know this? Are you following the signs of Allah?

We are continuously reminded to read Surah Fatihah and it is the Surah we read first when performing prayers it is affirming that we belong to Allah and Allah alone.

We may sometimes feel that when we read the Quran that what is written does not relate to us, but that is where we fail to understand that when we search for ourselves within the Quran that is when we will unlock our hearts and we will find inner peace.

One major thing many of us suffer from is that we see with our knowledge not with our eyes and this is why sometimes our hearts are blind.

If you have the knowledge to see reality then your heart is not blind. You and i both know that even if you are super knowledgeable it does not mean that you can see things clearly.

For the most part i think that generally when our hearts are affected our entire body is affected and my understanding of his lecture was first try and find yourself, understand the Qalam of Allah and try and see reality first and to not let our hearts be blinded.

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself