By Sheikh Muhammad Al-Gazali
At a time where i kind of felt i was at a low point in my life i needed something to lift my faith and give me strength and even though our deen is there as our strength we are human and we have flaws and our Emaan gets weak and there are temptations but what matters is that we recognize when something is lacking in ourselves instead of allowing external sources to lead us astray 

And this brought me to a book i read called stop worrying relax and be happy….

This book explains the importance of how our minds is the source of our behaviour and direction according to our thoughts and feelings 

Sheikh Muhammad Al Ghazli uses beautifully thr words of Allah and our beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW) in each chapter to help the reader find inner peace and to be able to contexualise how they are feeling 

One of the defeciencies of man is the fact that his present is weighed down by future burdens 

So with those words his kind of saying that the thing that causes us the most grief is that we live in the future continously and it causes us to live in agony 

Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand

The book goes on by explaining to us about taqdeer (divine decree) and how life is what we make of it and how to renew your life 

I firmly recommend this book to everyone who is seeking comfort in their life whatever struggles you may go through this book is for everyone