By Fadia Bint Ismail

I came across a short post i read that said

“Sincerity has been known to change a persons course in life. It has been known to elevate prayers and deflect harm miraculously. It has been known to put you in the path of others and also put those you need on your path. It has been known to shake mountains so no obstacles stand in your way and it has been known to shake trees, so you always have provision. Sincerity is all your really need to make it through this world”

When ever i sit i read this daily as a reminder that all one really needs in life is sincerity. I think the most difficult part of life is trying to find those that are truly sincere and there are moments when you isolate yourself from everyone , from all the negativity and all those who could potentially hurt you or harm you in some way or another, but then i think sincerity starts with yourself first and even if there are a thousand people in this Dunyah who are evil or have no sincerity at all i think as a person as a believing Muslim no matter what we should always be sincere even to those who have wronged us.

It is like they say , if someone has wronged you do not let your heart become hardened, let your heart remain soft that is when you know you sincerely have Taqwa and Sincerity in your heart.

Even when people try to break your spirit and have no words of encouragement and you feel like your entire self is imploding and you are so over taken with emotion from mere harsh words we should try to always remain calm and sincere and to realize that Allah is testing those who harm us and even ourselves in the manner in which we handle others, and when we remain patient and endure and persevere surely Allah’s mercy will come.

So be Sincere at all times NO matter who tries to break you!!!

A Reminder first and foremost to myself sincerity-and-truth