By Fadia Bint Ismail


I listened too a few lectures by Mufti Menk on various topics in relation to contentment, happiness and sadness, his words were so profound and till this day it stuck with me ever since then.

I think the one thing many of us suffer from is sadness and finding true happiness and contentment and what do we do when we become sad ? did you ever think about it ?

So after listening to the lectures i realized, what it is that we need to do when we feel sad. Well first you need to reflect on the key critical things in your life that may be the reason why we feel sad or depressed.

  • How is your relationship with Allah
  • How is your Nemaaz (Salaah)
  • Have you lost focus (This could be another cause of why we feel sad when we dont realize and remind ourselves that this life is temporary)
  • Are you developing your link with Allah daily
  • Appreciation , are we thanking Allah everyday for our blessings (Alhamdulilah Ala Kulli Haal)
  • Have you drifted away from Allah
  • How is your heart , is it clean or do you harbor hatred

These are just a few things that could be lacking in our lives which will eventually cause us to become sad and depressed because we do not work on our relationship with Allah daily.

We need to realize that everything is by the Will of Allah , Good or Bad and when a believer calls out to Allah , Allah will respond.

Sometimes we are searching for contentment and happiness but we are looking for it in all the wrong things because contentment is only found in Allah

Think about this for a second…a Believer and a Non Believer will both be in pain but the difference is that when a believer is in pain he will have faith and will be able to face that difficulty knowing that Allah is his guide. A Non Believer will not be able to face it. Realize that hardship is a mercy from Allah……And even if you do not get what you want keep on asking and if you still do not get it then realize that Allah has something even better planned

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself