I just want to say Welcome to everyone who has visited my blog and who is yet to visit my blog. My initial intention with this blog was to help other Muslims and even non Muslims through Dawah for the sake of Allah (SWT). Many things that i have posted are works of my own and also through various articles, lectures and other sources that i have researched and read and thus compiled posts based on sincere research and knowledge Alhumdulilah.

A Muslim should also seek to do independent research and this is called Ijtihaad but one should always bare in mind that sources out there are not always relevent and will even be fabricated and therefore when you qoute a hadith you should always seek it from reliable sources, one realiable source and authentic hadiths which i myself read is from Riyad us Saliheen.

I am definately not an expert but Alhumdulilah i try my best to post things that would help the Ummah all for the sake of Allah (SWT).

I work for a charity organisation and alot of my articles are also based in accordance with the work that we have done in the community and through my blog i wanted to share it with everyone so that we can know what the world has come to and how much less fortunate people there are.

Inshallah i hope to inspire and help who ever i can, through Allah’s guidance and blessings Inshallah i hope to achieve success.

Feel free to email me or comment on any of the posts Inshallah

Wasalaams…..Blogger Fadia :)

My Name is Fadia, firstly i am a Muslimah Hijabi girl that is my identity. Talkative, creative and challenging. My moto for the day- Live each day as it comes, if you put in efforts in striving toward goodness, Allah (SWT) will make a way for you. Love- love is rare but the rarest love of all is when your heart and soul is immersed in the love for Allah(SWT).

What can i say, My life is Islam, My life is Allah (SWT) and his Messenger Rasul (SAW).

Chasing Paradise Galz is about helping and teaching and inspiring others to follow in the correct path Inshallah. Chasing Paradise Galz is for everyone who wants to sit and relax reading about great ideas, poetry, Hijabi tips, Islam and taking part in charity all for the sake of Allah (SWT)

If your aim is to learn and to be inspired then you have come to the correct place. CHASING PARADISE GALZ.