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By Fadia Bint Ismail

Our Actions and the manner in which we approach Muslims and potential Muslims is very important when we are giving Dawah. Actions and mannerism display the effectiveness of what we are conveying. The eyes, ears, tongue and heart signifies the justice in all of your actions. Our actions and manner is the core of everything that we do it reflects in all of your relationships, your relationship with Allah, yourself and other Humans.

First let’s speak about our eyes. Our eyes are the reflection to our soul. Sometimes the eyes can signify exactly what we are thinking by simple movements.

Our ears reflect how well we listen and how well we respond with our tongues and our hearts, well this is the trickiest part because sometimes our hearts are so full of emotion that we cannot think rationally. When we are giving Dawah we have to elevate ourselves from the state of emotion and hastiness. If we exaggerate and look at things at an irrational point of view or dealing with them with too much love we cause major obstacles for ourselves, it makes us deny our thinking and drowns us in fantasy and fake behaviour or it generates hostility and anger which leads to hate filled actions and reactions according to our emotions. Our hastiness to produce results makes us skip many steps and generates a lot of problems. These kinds of actions are bereft of the blessing of Allah SWT. The Nabi (SAW) has told us

“Consideration is from Allah and Hastiness is from Shaytaan.

If the Da’ee has a quick temper and hastiness, he will have poor judgement and will not be able to judge any situation with rationality and wisdom. In fact anything that i have mentioned here the inviter will not be able to implement.

As a Da’ee you should always approach things with wisdom, calmness, simplicity, realistic thinking and awareness.  If we deal with people with Raghmah and with the intention of benefiting them, As a person giving Dawah we have to respect  who we are talking to and address them according to their level. The Nabi (SAW) said

 ” Talk to people According to their level of understanding” (Bukhari)

It is very important that the Da’ee (inviter) respect the condition and situation and study it according it to the Quran and Sunnah of Allah and behave accordingly.

Every human being has certain innate manners that they are created with, but they also have a will and this will is generated from knowledge, desire and your goal.



One of the traits of a true believer is transparency, the need to be real and not fake. Don’t try to be someone you are not. This is very important for the Da’ee someone who is not only representing Islam but is also calling others to it.


Nabi (SAW) said:

” The worst people in the sight of Allah on the day of resurrection will be the double faced people who appear to some with one face and to other people with another face” (Sahih Bukhari)


  1. Manner of Speaking:


A Da’ee should have a polite way of speaking, neither to low, nor to high, neither slow, nor fast. Pace yourself according to your audience and topic.

What we speak about and how long we speak also plays an important role because if your speech or sentences are to long many people lose interest so always try to use simple terminology when you address people.

There are so many things that we can discuss further about your actions and the manner in which we approach Muslims and potential Muslims but we will not go into too much detail because I think that all of us who are aiming at this level in this life will make many mistakes that they will learn from. Nobody is perfect.

The last thing I would like to mention is a story about a girl who felt so lost and she finally made her way back to the right path. This girl started wearing the correct Hijab, performing her five daily prayers, reciting Quran everything that every true believer should be doing. Nevertheless as time went on she decided to speak to her family about Islam as she was learning and reading so many things, of course her family was very pleased that she was on the right path but every now and then when she spoke they would say do not preach to us remember what you use to do in the past remember this and remember that and so the remarks would go on for days and even still remains.

It is said that Dawah should first be given to those people that are closest to you. People often do not realize that they have a high ego and it clouds the way they hear and respond to things, even if you are speaking the truth they will mock you because it is natural many people cannot handle the truth. Also never tell someone they are arrogant, believe me it back fires just make Dua with the correct intentions and Inshallah you will prevail.

Carrying on with the Story……

The girl became quite disheartened yet not straying from her path, but she became so angry that she had so much emotion and that made her think irrationally and when she tried to speak to her family because her actions and her manner were not correct. This is why we should always remember that when we are faced with any situation that is very difficult we should not be hasty, we should control our emotions and speak politely else no one will listen to you.

Last but not least our intention, preparation and knowledge are very important if we are seeking to give Dawah. This is what i will discuss in my next topics Inshallah.


May Allah grant us the right intentions and Ilm (knowledge) to fulfil all our obligations as true Muslims. Inshallah.



By Fadia Bint Ismail

Asalaamualaikum to all my fellow Muslim sisters and Brothers in Islam. I will be starting a series of posts about the Art of Dawah. The Art of Dawah. What is it about? Well Dawah is first and foremost calling people to the fold of Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to give Dawah.

In the Quran Dawah means to live according to Allah’s will. Dawah is not only aimed at calling Non-Muslims to Islam it is also to help fellow Muslims understand the Deen better, for example if you see a friend or family member going astray or doing things that are not in accordance to the law of Allah then it is your duty to go out and speak to them and this is called Dawah.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) went out daily in his lifetime to give Dawah to the people and to call them to Islam.

And I think that it is incumbent on every Human being, every Muslim to go out and help those so that they can better understand Islam Inshallah.

The Art of Dawah- it seems easy to just go out and give Dawah but there are specific things that each of us require. It is not a special skill or a qualification but it is in our mannerism and how we approach potential Muslims.

We should always keep in mind that it is hard to get people to hear you. and the perfect example was in the time of the Prophets how difficult it was for them, they were mocked and were thrown with stones and this is reality you will face the same thing people are not going to want to listen to you but have Sabr (patience) like those before you and Inshallah- through Allah’s divine mercy and guidance you will overcome every difficult obstacle.Inshallah

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