By Fadia Bint Ismail


Niyyah (Intention) one of the most important aspects for the Da’ee to have.

  • Actions are judged by intentions.

As a Muslim Dawah should not be a part time job it should be a full time job. In the Prophets time they gave Dawah every single day of their lives. Our Actions and the way we live our daily lives, Our Character and the manner in which we approach people we should become an ideal character in our lives for Non-Muslims and even Muslims because by looking at us they would want to embrace Islam and even better their understanding of Islam if they are already born Muslims.

  • Sincere Dua before we begin our journey:

First and foremost if our target is to give Dawah we should make sincere Dua to Allah to give us the knowledge and strength in order to succeed in our journey Inshallah. To make sincere Dua to Allah it should come from the bottom of our heart and surely it will be accepted by Allah but to do this we have to have a strong intention that this is the journey that we would want to undertake. We also need to do Thikr and Istigfaar these things are explained in the Quran and Hadith. When we are going to give Dawah to someone we should remember Allah (SWT). When we have a connection with Allah during the time of Dawah what we convey will directly enter their hearts and that is why Thikr is very important.


When one person becomes a Muslim because of our hard work we should not conclude that this happened because of our hard work. We can only convey the message of Islam it is Allah who will change the heart of that person that we are conveying the message to.

What should we do if someone converts to Islam? The answer lies in the life of the Prophet (SAW) who was commanded by Allah (SWT) to say:


We should then do Tasbeeh to Allah (SWT) “SUBAHANNALAHI WABI AHMDIHI” and do Istigfaar “ASTAGHFIRULLAH” The Prophet (SAW) use to do this Dua daily in his prayer, he prayed Istigfaar more than 70 times a day and this is because Allah is the only one who guides an individual.


  • Conditions of giving Dawah are connected to our Actions and our Intentions.

The first condition is to stay distant from Shaytaan.  He whispers a lot in our hearts. We are trying to bring a person towards Islam who Shaytaan was trying to divert away from it.

The second condition is, we should come closer to Allah (SWT).  When a person comes closer to Allah (SWT) then Allah (SWT) will come closer to him.  It is stated in a Hadith that whatever he does, it will be from Allah (SWT) and whatever he asks Allah (SWT), will give it to him.  So we should purify ourselves to come closer to Allah (SWT).  The third condition is, work hard and not treat this like a part time job.  We should work with our full strength, time and energy.  We should work day and night.  These are the conditions to do Dawah.

  • What is the corner stone of these conditions? Well first we should make Intention because every action needs an intention.

To summarize everything if our Niyyah is corrupted then everything we will convey and everything that we say will be rendered fruitless if it is not purely for the sake of Allah (SWT). To know if your Niyyah is corrupted it will be displayed in your actions if the person is more focused on showing off his actions and has a different personality in front of people than when they are alone. When we have sincere intentions that are purely for the sake of Allah then we will succeed and Allah will enter the hearts of those people who we are addressing. Words are useless if it does not come from the heart with sincerity.

May Allah make us among those sincere ones who make it their life to invite humanity to Islam for the pleasure of Allah. Those who seek knowledge, live it and spread it purely for his sake. Inshallah.