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Mustdafin Foundation

18 Belgravia Road                                                          Tel: +27 (0)21 633 0010 / 633 0060
Athlone, Cape Town,7764                                          Fax: +27 (0)21 633 0057

About The Foundation

The Mustadafin Foundation was established in 1986. It emerged during the Apartheid era in response to political unrest and violence that erupted due to faction fighting in Langa, which had devastating effects on the local communities, particularly women and children.

Core functions

Mustadafin sees itself as a servant of the communities in which it operates and bases its core functions on the needs of the oppressed.


Establishing of educare centers, administering of bursaries for tertiary study, facilitating adult literacy programs, training preschool teachers, managing Islamic Education centers and more.

Poverty Eradication 

Skills development, feeding schemes, winter warmth project, job creation, and more.


Assisting those infected and affected by HIV/Aids, community/home-based care, trauma counseling and healthy living advice.

Community Development 

Youth development and leadership camps, life skills training, awareness campaigns for social responsibility.

Disaster Relief

Working in partnership with the City to bring relief to victims of flash floods, fires and other disasters.

How you can donate to Mustadafin:

You are able to swipe your debit or credit card at our office or make an EFT payment into our account.

EFT and Manual Payments

To make a payment by EFT or at a bank please use the details below.

Bank Standard Bank
Branch Athlone
Branch Code 025909
Account Number 072778377
Reference Your name

My Review: 

Mustadafin is a wonderful organisation which helps thousands of individuals. They also go hand in hand in assisting other charity organisations and therefor they have good relations with many organisations who kneel on them for support many a times.

I have personally been and have witnessed the great work that this organisation does. and i can safely say that your donations to this organisation will definitely be worth while.

You can not only donate cash you can also donate in kind, clothes, furniture etc. They also assist many people who are unable to drop off their items by collecting it from their homes.

Definetely my charity of choice. Helping to make South Africa Better. Inshallah

If you would like to know more about Mustadafin. You can visit them on their website.




By Fadia Bint Ismail


Asalaamualaikum to one and all.


May this message reach far and wide and may we all be encouraged to assist those organisations which help those in need. Inshallah.

I will be writing posts on many charity organisations across the globe, in order for everyone to have a better understanding of what is out there and how each of us can play a role in helping assist those in need.

There are many organisations, Muslim and Non Muslim organisations that help the poor and needy and i saw it befitting to give a general over view of various organisations which help assist those, whether it be orphanages, NGO’s, PBO’s or even foundations which tackle HIV(Aids), cancer and other diseases. This will also help many people who are looking for a specific organisation who could in turn help them and also assist others by showing them where they can donate their money too.

Be on the look out for my reviews on these various institutes.

May Allah.(God) Reward all these institutes for their great work and may their efforts reach more individuals who are suffering Inshallah.


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