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Message from Dr Saed Saleh our Gaza Office Manager: salam
“The situation on the ground is moving from bad to worse and there is no sign of seize fire or truce . Last night was the most horrible night where the Israeli tanks started to fire on the civilian houses especially in the northern and middle of Gaza. So far the number of Gazans killed are more than 150 and the number of casualties are   more than 700 the majority are from children and women. Due to the intensive missile attacks near to Muslim Hands-Palestine office , the office was affected where the windows were completely destroyed and the furniture is partially destroyed .

The electricity is intermittent and that has its implication on the water supply as the Gazans suffer from the frequent water cut. The farmers couldn’t access their farms and that will cause food shortage in the local market in two or three weeks time.   The Gazans who live close to boarders continued to evacuated their houses and moved to the UN schools and that lead to the need to distribute food and hygine kitt and baby milk to the refugees.   Muslim Hands distributed medicine and medical disposables to the Gaza hospitals.
That costs about 14,000 USD. Currently the medical items needed are not available in the local market. Therefore, we coordinated with the Arab Doctors Union in Egypt to buy the items from Egypt. We gave order to buy medical items cost 40,000 USD. That will take from 3-7 days

Gaza Appeal

Gaza Appeal.

As the crisis in Gaza intensifies Medical Supplies are urgently needed for the casualties of this War. Donate to Muslim Hands and help save the oppressed.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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The Burma Crisis


The humanitarian situation in Rakhine State, Myanmar continues to deepen as ethnic violence between Rohingya Muslims and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists, which started in July 2012 continues to force Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes. Despite the Government imposed curfew, the violence and conflict is on-going on a daily basis.  MH representatives on the ground in Rangoon, “There is now a very urgent and growing need of food and clothing for more than 100,000 people who have been forced from their homes. These destitute people are living in very dire conditions in over 60 camps in the Rakhine State”. …

Access to the affected Rohingya Muslims remains very limited for the aid organisations. The Muslim Hands Team in Rangoon is now coordinating with the government, and a cluster of local organisations that have access to the region and can distribute aid.
The current needs are:
•Food and water
•Clothing and other non-food items
•Medical care
Please donate Generously to Muslim Hands and help us provide for the Muslims of Burma who are suffering.
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International Donations: SWIFT CODE : SB ZA ZA JJ
Or visit us at 1 Carnie Road Rylands. or call us 021 633 6413 or email
Visit the Muslim Hands Website to view the situation in Burma.
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