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Muslim Hands is once again taking Ubushushu to the streets. With our hectic lives people seldom have the opportunity to stop off at our office to drop off their spare blankets, clothes or even food items. That is where Muslim Hands come in. We will have drop off points in peak traffic hours between 7am-9am on Tuesday and Thursdays with 5 people per point. All you have to do is Hoot and our volunteers will collect your spare blankets and clothes. This campaign forms part of our Project Ubushushu, which helps thousands of South Africans keep warm in this bitter cold winter.

Our locations 29th April till 8th May.

Cnr of Jan Smuts and Klipfontein Road, Cnr of Jan Smuts and Kromboom Road. ( 29th April and 30th April).

Cnr of Race course and Chukker Road, Cnr of Klipfontein and Milner Road(red cross), (5th May and 6th May)

Let’s turn up the heat for others this winter.




By Fadia Bint Ismail

Project Rationale

Beitul Ansaar (Distribution)


On 3rd of February 2014 Muslim Hands set out to provide much needed toys and games to Beitul Ansaar Orphanage in MitchellsPlain. We chose this orphanage because they are very much in need. This orphanage relies on public donations as they are not government subsidised. Beitul Ansaar child care centre is a centre committed to the social, physical, emotional, physiological and most importantly the spiritual upliftment of all children who are deprived the opportunity of natural parents. The home itself requires a lot of maintenance and up keep. Many volunteers offer their services in helping the care givers of this home by helping bath and cloth the children.

Items that were provided to the orphanage:


  • Miscellaneous Toys and Educational Games.


The head of the school accepted the items from Muslim Hands and was very delighted to receive these items. As expressed these items will go a long way in helping the children of the centre both educational and socially.


Project Summary

Buta Gamiet Petersen set out to Beitul Ansaar in the MitchellsPlain Area. On arrival he was greeted by the care givers of the children and the head of the centre. The appreciation from the workers of the centre was great and they were extremely thankful for the donations. The children expressed their delight as seen with the smiles on their faces.


Person’s Present

Gamiet Petersen,



By Fadia Bint Ismail

Project Rationale

Oranje Kloof Moor Primary Hout Bay (Inspection)

C/O Main and Hughenden Roads Hout Bay

On the 21st of January 2014 I and Ameer went out to Oranje Kloof Moor Primary situated in Hout Bay this is a Non Fee school as students are not able to pay school fees. We chose this school for the items that we will be receiving from the National Police Convoy.  When we arrived at the school we met with the principal Ms Makae. We then discussed the requirements of the school and what exactly they need. Prior to meeting with the principal I emailed a list of items which we have without Quantities from there she ticked off the items they need. The principal assured us that she will be doing an inspection of every class to calculate the quantities this list will be emailed to me. Oranje Kloof Moor Primary consists of 1 150 students from Grade R till Grade 7 there are in total 25 classrooms, some classes consists of 36 to 40 pupils. The school also has a feeding scheme which is provided by Peninsula School Feeding, meals are provided for breakfast and lunch as many students go hungry every day. The meals provided are porridge, soy beans, milk, apples, carrots, and rice and meali meal. The students are mainly from the Mandela Township. I also discussed the situation with some of the kids, I was informed by the social worker that many children do not have parents; this has a great effect on the child with regards to learning and motivation. There are also volunteers who assist the children to read, as well as a social worker Mary Beth from the United States who is part of Ubuntu for Africa which is an organisation that manager’s social work, counselling and remedial.

An inspection was done by me and Ameer, pictures were taken of every class we discovered that the computer lab which is equipped with 20 computers also houses the library. The principal instructed that the intention is to separate the two because storage at the school is a big problem. Every class inspected was very dilapidated and requires maintenance, storage and some requires desks as some of the children have to sit on the floor. The only thing provided by government to the school is the curriculum text books.  The structure itself of the school and classrooms is made from brick and some classes are situated in containers. Overall their conditions are very bad especially with ventilation and lighting. The offices also require maintenance and storage facilities.

A list of items from the list was ticked off the school requires: (quantities are yet to be provided)

  • Boxes of A4 paper – Grade 7 classes
  • Bookshelves
  • Clip files/ Flip files
  • Whiteboards
  • Notice boards
  • First Aid Kits

Overall we believe that this school is in dire need of assistance and they are willing to accept any help where possible.





On the 28th of January 2014 the consignment from UK arrived. Muslim Hands staff members and volunteer workers sorted out the items from the container. Oranje Kloof Moor Primary situated in Hout Bay this is a Non Fee school as students are not able to pay school fees. We chose this school because they require items which government does not provide to them.  A truck was loaded with the goods and we made our way to the school.  The distribution took place over 2 days.

Items that were provided for the school:

  • 78 school desks
  • 62 chairs, blue, purple and brown
  • 17 tables for Gr R students
  • 6 Book shelves
  • Some educational books
  • 2 bags of sports equipment (Hurdles)
  • Notice Boards
  • Whiteboards
  • A4 White paper

Many of the items were utilized in the schools computer lab as well as being able to set up many of the classrooms with desks. The bookshelves were also used in the principal’s office as there was very limited storage space.

When we were offloading the items, many of the school kids came out to help. They were very delighted to receive these items. Some of the kids sat with some of the educational books that were provided to them.


Project Summary

Ameer, Fadia, Shuaib, Gamiet and volunteers arrived at Oranje Kloof Moor Primary. The children made their way to the truck to help offload some of the items. Many classes were furnished with school desks and children were now able to have their own desks as many were sitting on the floors.

Muslim Hands was also complimented by one of the heads of the City of Cape Town educational department for their contribution to the computer lab at Oranje Kloof Moor Primary which was furnished with chairs.

Miss Makae the principal expressed her delight and was very grateful to Muslim Hands.




Safe Water Flowing from Muslim Hands

“It is We Who send down water from the sky in (due) measure, and We revive a dead land therewith.” (Qur’an 43:11)

To prevent illness. To purify. To live. It’s easy to forget how much we need safe water. This is the essential of life which over a billion people are denied access to.

Why not purchase a Dig A Well or a Tube Well. Or Contribute our water fund to ensure that thousands of needy people receive clean drinking water.

Dig- a- Wells

Our Dig-a-Wells are situated in communal places such as mosques, schools or village centers and serve large groups of people. These are bigger installations and each well serves over 25 families and their livestock.

The wells have mechanical hand pumps and draw water from up to 35 metres underground making them dependable during all seasons.

Cost: R 8 250
Locations: Afghanistan
Kashmir (India)
Sri Lanka

Tube Wells – Help 2-3 Families

Muslim Hands installs a variety of wells. The simplest of these is the tube well.

A single tube well can serve up to 3-4 families with water to drink, wash and cook with. They are designed to last around 10 years.
Tube wells are manually operated and lift filtered water up to about 30 meters beneath the ground with minimal maintenance.

Cost: R 2 500

Locations: Bangladesh
Kashmir (India)


Qurbani 2013


Muslim Hands has launched its annual Qurbani Service with prices of sheep starting 
at only R350. 

Our operations are active in 42 locations worldwide with fresh meat distributed during the days of Eid. South Africa Qurbani R1150. 

Shares available worldwide as well. 

Contact MH for prices per location on 0216336413 or

If you would like prices emailed to you, please send an email to ‘’.

Banking Details: 
Standard Bank Parow Centre, 
Acc Nbr 071621881, 
Br Code 031110. 
Please use your Donor ID as reference.

By Fadia Bint Ismail

Thousands are impacted by the bitter-cold winter and every year organisations make an appeal to the public for assistance to help these needy South Africans. One such project hosted by Muslim Hands is Project Ubushushu which raises thousands of rands for a worthy cause. This winter warmth campaign runs from May till the end of August and sees to the food and warmth of many underprivileged communities.

There are still many people that lack adequate shelter, warmth and food during these trying months. Every year we need to improve on the quantity and quality of items delivered. From basic blankets Muslim Hands has moved up to providing a high quality blanket that lasts longer and is much more effective in combating the cold. Our food parcels are something we take pride in delivering. Recipients of these parcels have gone on record to emphasise their extreme joy and gratitude. These expressions of joy are what motivate us to work harder year after year.

This year Muslim Hands has added another way of donating with the “Learn2Warm” drive. This campaign is aimed at increasing donations in kind. As generous as this community is, we just don’t have the time. Our mornings are a scramble with getting the children to school and ourselves to work. Those who are able to make financial donations have the luxury of internet banking or bank deposits, however we all have spare clothes, blankets and food that we want to donate and yet just don’t find the time to drop it off at the Muslim Hands offices.

It is with this in mind that Muslim Hands has launched the “Learn2Warm” drive. Last year we incorporated a project called Hoot2Warm.Volunteers were recruited and placed at different intersections to collect food, blankets and clothes. The project was a great success. In addition this year Muslim Hands intends to include various school children around Cape Town to understand the cause and to help collect food items, blankets and clothes for the Learn2Warm campaign.

As part of the Learn2Warm campaign drop off points will be allocated at different schools, institutes and organisations. So when you drop off your child at school all you need to do is drop off your spare blankets, clothes and food items at the school where a MH box will be allocated. This campaign will be running for 4 weeks and locations will be announced. Once the box is full Muslim Hands will collect the box. All donations will be distributed to various under privileged communities, homes and shelters with the name of the school, institute or organisation.

With these tough economic times compounded by our increasingly fast paced lifestyles, time and money is more valuable than ever. Bearing this in mind someone has to make the extra effort to ensure that the needy South African are not found wanting.

Muslim Hands has taken this responsibility and we need your support to ensure a successful drive. We need you to spread the word so that everyone can Learn2Warm those less fortunate. Let’s turn up the heat for others this winter.

For further information, contact Muslim Hands on 021 633 6413 or visit

Project Ubushushu

We find ourselves facing the coldest winter, thunder, lighting, hail storms. The cries of many who are left in the bitter cold.

While we are wrapped up in our blankets thousands of south Africans don’t have this privilege.

Donate to Muslim Hands. 1 Carnie Road Rylands. 0216336413

Help us make a difference in their lives. Let’s turn up the heat for others this winter.

By Fadia Bint Ismail

Muslim Hands Projects

Alhamdulillah Muslim Hands have helped thousands of needy people during the year. As the year comes to a close let us reflect upon the many projects that have helped hundreds of people in need.

Project Ubushushu:

Ubushushu means warmth. This project is aimed at providing hundreds of families with food parcels and blankets as winter in Cape Town is an extremely testing time for many under privileged communities. Muslim Hands provided blankets and food parcels to 2 735 families. Project Ubushushu was launched in April and Commenced on 17th of May 2012.

Lavenderhill 17th May 2012
Delft 24th May 2012
Macassar 31st May 2012
Bavianskloof 5th June 2012
Parkwood 7th June 2012
Steenberg 12th June 2012
Montague Gift 14th June 2012
Al Mammana 19th June 2012
Al Wagaah(Institute for the Deaf) 21st June 2012
Langa 21st June 2012
Eastridge Mitchells Plain 26th June
Kayelitscha 28th June
Ravensmead 5th July 2012

During Ubushushu. Muslim Hands started the Hoot2Warm campaign. This initiative was aimed at collecting clothes and blankets for the less fortunate. Many volunteers were recruited and placed at busy intersections around Cape Town. Volunteers were up and ready at 7am till 9am handing out pamphlets and collecting clothes and blankets. Alhamdulillah this initiative along with the Project Ubushushu distributions in impoverished under privileged communities was a great success.  We hope that this Project will span to greater lengths in the next year to come. Our aim is to extend our hand of warmth in helping less fortunate individuals and communities.


Project Fill-a-Belly:

Project Fill-a-Belly is a feeding scheme which helps feed hundreds of people in different communities. This year Muslim Hands fed an estimated 1167 adults, children and elderly individuals. Akhni was distributed once a month in Hanover Park (Cape Town). As the Project expands we hope to feed thousands more Inshallah. Project Fill-a-Belly has also fed hundreds of people in BlikkiesDorp (Delft).

Part of the contribution to Project Fill-a-Belly is the Bread Run. 100 loaves of Bread was also distributed every week around Cape Town. Alhamdulillah this feeding scheme has reached many poor communities and Inshallah it will continue to grow.

Al Mamana Feeding Scheme:

Al Mamana is a feeding scheme which is based in Mitchells Plain. This scheme goes hand in hand with Muslim Hands in helping feed the needy. Every month hundreds of people are fed and Alhamdulillah the individuals who volunteer in this scheme have been a tremendous help with their strong will and motivation to provide food for the Mitchells Plain area.

Project 4-Sight:

Project 4-Sight. This Project helps many elderly people who can not afford eye tests, glasses or cataract removal operations. Muslim Hands helped many elderly individuals and two different old age homes during February, March, April and May.

Beitul Amaan Home for the Aged in Wynberg was the first home visited. 50 Residents were tested. on the 15th of March 2012 Eye save dispensed new or upgraded spectacles to 27 residents.

Beaconvale Home for the Aged in Mitchells Plain was the second home visited by Muslim Hands. 47 residents were tested and Eye save returned to the home on 3rd of May 2012 to dispense new or upgraded spectacles to 27 residents.

Project Snip Snip:

This project helps adults and children undergo the circumcision operation. Once a month Muslim Hands partners with IMA (Islamic Medical Association) designated volunteer doctors to perform circumcision on individuals who can not afford it. The first project took place in Langa. 10 boys between the ages of 2 and 10 were done.

Being circumcised is one of the great Sunnahs and a fundamental of being a Muslim.  The health benefits are countless as demonstrated by statistics and latest report have shown that chances of being infected with HIV/Aids is 60% less when circumcised. Unfortunately in the Western Cape there is a large amount of children as well as adults who are reverts to Islam & are uncircumcised due to poverty & the high costing involved in getting circumcised. Muslim Hands was informed of this problem in early 2012 and resolved to assist in this regard throughout the South Africa in contributing to the well-being of Muslims.

Fitra-Ramadan Distribution:

On the 12th of August Muslim Hands and many volunteers helped distribute food parcels and blankets to 700 families.

The year 2012 Muslim Hands made a change to do the Fitra distribution from previous years. There were two reasons to why MH changed.

To prevent duplication collection of Fitra parcels by recipients Muslim Hands decided to work hand in hand with various organisations to that could provide Muslim Hands with deserving and needy recipients as well as to illuminate recipients from handing their names in at two to three different charity relief organisations to receive parcels from each of them. Thus robbing others of deserving receiving a fitra parcel, this organisation could also verify that the recipient is/are and should receive a Fitra parcels.

The second change Muslim Hands had with fitra distributions is that Ramadan coincided with winter this year & will be coinciding with winter for the next 4 to 5 years. Muslim Hands gave every fitra parcel recipient a nice warm blanket to take home.

The location of the Fitra parcel distribution took place at 1 Carnie road Rylands, The Muslim Hands office. 14 organisations were given food parcels which catered for 700 families.

  • Al Wagaah – Islamic school for the deaf
  • Delft
  • BaviansKloof- Mitchellsplain
  • Parkwood
  • Madrassa Tul Mumtaz
  • Montague Gift- Ottery
  • Al Mamana
  • Langa
  • Eastridge Mitchellsplain
  • Kensington
  • Strand
  • Kayelitscha
  • Al Mieftag Madrassa

Alhamdulilah the distribution was very successful. We hope that future distributions will be even more successful and that we will be able to provide for hundreds or even thousands of more individuals.

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This year Muslim Hands took Project Ubushushu to the streets of South Africa. On 11th June 2012 The Hoot2Warm drive commenced. It is an initiative that aims to help many South Africans keep warm this winter. Volunteers were recruited and placed at different intersections where they would hand out pamplets, collect clothes, spare blankets and Non-perishable foods from donors. The Hoot2Warm drive takes place every Monday and Wedsneday mornings from 7am till 9am.

Alhumdulilah we are in our second week of the volunteer program and i can say that it has been a great experience and each and every volunteer holds a value of their own. Their efforts and their energy is what drives this event in becoming truly successful. Every morning when we are out on the streets Allah’s protection and his blessings are with us every step of the way Alhumdulilah.

The intersections that we covered are. Corner of Klipfontein and Jan Smuts, Corner of Jan Smuts and Kromboom and Redross/Milner Road.

Here are some pictures of the work being done. Pictures are from Corner of Kromboom and Jan Smuts and Corner of Klipfontein and Jan Smuts.

By Fadia Bint Ismail

This year Muslim Hands has extended the hand of warmth by incorporating a volunteer program. This program is part of Project Ubushushu which helps hundreds of South Africans keep warm this winter. Blankets and food parcels are distributed to various communities among the many distributions that have already taken place are lavender hill, Delft, Macassar, Baviaanskloof, feeding Scheme and Parkwood.  Distributions that are still to take place are Steenberg, Madrassatul Mumtaz, Montague Gift, New lentegeur. Al Maamana, Balgravia. Al Waqah Institute langa, East Ridge Mitchellsplain, Khayalitcha and Ravendsmead.

Alhamdulillah thus far each distribution holds a special place in all of our hearts. As Muslims we should constantly try to help those less fortunate and to strengthen our Ummah. At Muslim Hands we are more than just a charity organisation, we are a family and we hope that each individual who comes into Muslim Hands will feel the same.

Our Volunteer program Hoot2Warm drive is aimed at getting the public to donate spare blankets, Non-perishable food items and clothes. Volunteers will be at various intersections collecting these items. We hope that this initiative will not only provide many South Africans to keep warm this winter but also to gain a long term  goal in which we are constantly seeking to help many of our fellow Muslims and even Non-Muslims get the help they need. Alhamdulillah our Hoot2Warm drive commenced on 11th June 2012. There were 4 intersections that were covered, Corner of Klipfontein and Jan Smuts, Corner of Jan Smuts and Kromboom, Corner of Klipfontein and Milner and Corner of Klipfontein and Hazel Road.

Volunteers arrived at 7am and were amped and ready to take on the busy streets of South Africa although things began at a slow pace eventually it picked up and we should always remember that nothing is possible without Allah. A plan is put into motion we go out there and do the job but all success comes from Allah. Volunteers managed to collect a few items and we even had people coming into the Muslim Hands office dropping off clothes.  The Hoot2Warm drive will extend until the 4th of July and Inshallah we hope and make Dua that we are afforded the opportunity to grow and extend our hand of warmth to greater lengths Inshallah.

A few things to ponder on about giving Sadaqah. If you are not able to give anything that is of monetary value.

Sadaqah is a voluntary charity; it helps strengthen your faith. The more you do the more you erase your bad deeds. Sadaqah is not only monetary. There are many deeds that are considered Sadaqah. If someone wishes to give Sadaqah and you assist in its delivery you are rewarded for giving Sadaqah yourself.

Aisha (RA) related that the Prophet (SAW) informed them as to who would follow him in death saying. “The one who has the longest hands amongst you would meet me most immediately” [Muslim].

The Prophet (SAW) said “Every Muslim has to give Sadaqah”. he was asked “if someone has nothing to give what should he do?” he said “He should work with his hands and benefit himself and also give in charity from what he earns” The people then asked “if he cannot find even that?” he replied “then he should perform good deeds and keep away from evil deeds and this will be regarded as charitable deeds” [Bukhari and Muslim]

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