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Dear Sister Muslimah

Asslaamu Alaaikum warehmtulaahi Wabarkathu…

This lusty-love bug. I wish I could save all my sisters from it. It is spoiling their Deen and Duniya.
Ya Allah Raheem.

Where ever I look I see my sisters crying and sinking in deep depression just because some xyz person has left them. They miss that xyz day and night… they miss that sin, those sinful days day and night. They want him back. .

They don’t realize that Allah (SWT) loves them more than him. They don’t realize that Allah (SWT) wants to make their Dunya and Deen better. They are so blind in this love that they don’t see Allah has something better for them, rather he has best. And to heal their wounds, they listen to all sad songs, which further make the wounds deeper. . They are seeing, the break ups happening all around, but still each one that feels and thinks that they are LUCKY and EXCEPTIONAL. 99.9% percent of these Haram Relations are fail, and each one them thinks that they belong to that 0.5%. Sisters, it is the Ibless, which makes this relation beautiful for you. It adds all those elements love and romance. (I seek refuge in Allah).

start loving your Family and you’re Female Friends.

You want to love someone? Love Them

You want to serve someone? Serve Them

You want to hug someone? Hug Them

You want to kiss someone? Kiss Them

You want to be romantic? Be Romantic with your mom, sister and cousin sister. (Well I am NOT asking you to be a lesbian

You feel lonely at night? Remember Allah; ask your mom or sister to sleep with you. Hug her and have a good night sleep.

I know, a husband (no boyfriends) is a husband and nothing can fill that place, EXCEPT LOVE FOR ALLAH AND PATIENCE.

Have patience, and don’t sell yourself, your modesty to such guys, for a few gifts or compliments.

Sisters, love your sisters in Islam, appreciate them, hug them, kiss them, be nice to them and don’t be jealous, (For Allah’s sake). One sister can save other sister from this stupid LOVE BUG.


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