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I thought i should share all my favourite books and a few that are amongst many on my Islamic bookshelf.


Durood Shareef- A very good book which includes all the Durood’s. Durood’s are blessings and salutations on our beloved Nabi (SAW).

A gift to a Muslim Bride (By Muhammed Haneef Abdul Majeed)- For all those who are married or not yet married.

You can be the Happiest women in the world (By Dr A’id-Al Qarni)

Unleash the power of Allah within yourself (By Ismail A Kalla)

Sufi Light- The secret of Meditation

Book on Doa’s- ( By Sheikh Abrughiem Salie)- One of the Great Sheikhs in Cape Town South Africa

Characteristics of the unbelievers (By Harun Yahya)

Stories of the friends of Allah

Inspiration Supplications (By Sheikh Abduraghiem Salie)

The Holy Prophets Kingdom

The Super Natural (By Sheikh Abduraghiem Salie)

The Book on Fasting (By Sheikh Abduraghiem Salie)

Remedies from the Holy Quran

Al- Mufeedah (By Sheikh Amien Fakier)- A book every Muslim should have

Stories of the Prophets

Stories of the Prophets (Ibn Kathir)

Riyad -us- Saliheen Vol 1 and 2- Collection of Hadith’s

Book on Salaah (By Sheikh Abduraghiem Salie)

I am a Muslim (By Sheikh Abubakr Najaar)- My uncle

Generel Knowledge

Maintenence and child care0 (By Sheikh Abduraghiem Salie)

The book on leglistative history


The Pious Caliphs of Islam- Abu Bakr (RA), Uthmaan (RA), Umar(RA)

I Am Muslim (new version)- (By Abubakr Najaar)

Muslim Wife

Enjoy your life (By Dr Muhammed Abd Al-Rahman Al- Arifi)

Dont be Sad

The Ideal Muslimah


From My sisters lips- (By Naima B Robert)

Imam’s Daughter-(ByHannah Shah)