By Fadia Bint Ismail

I could say a million things but even that wouldn’t be enough.

I am drowning in my sorrow.

The words you say pierce my heart.

You were suppose to be here for me…..

What can I say next ? but to go on my knees prostrating and making Dua for you.

Allah’s name is constantly on my lips , glorifying HIS names begging him to forgive you, to have mercy on you.

I cannot bear to see you fall, the darkness has consumed you …is there a way out for you

Only Allah will know…I hope you can be saved



By Fadia Bint Ismail

(A poem i wrote about Palestine)

The wailing cries of those displaced lives.

Why do they have to die? Children gather food, picking crumbs up off the ground.

Mothers crying having lost their children.

The burning, aching pain tearing them apart.

Smoke and fire disbursing. Buildings falling from every corner.

How will it be rebuilt? Hope and faith lost. Lives lost.

Children seeking shelter in the gutters. Trying to find shelter trying to hide from the bombs that are falling.

Amidst the rumble, dirt and bodies piling up.

People gather praying to Allah. Their faith strong no matter what has gone wrong.

Hoping to be released from this oppression.

My Publications

This is my first poem that has been published in Durban’s lifestyle magazine

I have never felt happier all thanks is due solely to Allah (SWT) for blessing me with such

an achievement.

my published poem in LSFMAG Durban


When it all fades away





By Fadia Bint Ismail


With time it all fades away

The light in your eyes that was once there 

With each sin it slowly faded away

Allah’s name use to bring you to tears

Between hope and fear an angel was always near

Your heart has become rusted with neglect 

How can you deny the blessings 

How can you live each day without care

What was once a beauty to view has already died

By Fadia Bint Ismail

I remember the day I met you. It feels like yesterday

 I never thought my heart would feel such love.

You were truly sent from the One up above.

I smile. I Laugh. My heart beats so fast. I hope this feeling will always last.

 They say a women’s love should be so lost in Allah that a man would have to search to find her.

 You have found me. By Allah’s will you have found me.

And finally I have found you.

 You have entered my life and you have entered like this.

You supplied the smile and the laughter that only you possess.

 When you look at me how do I explain the feeling.

 When you take my hand I wish you would never let go and when you speak

I am lost.

I am enchanted for I know Allah has brought you to me.

 Allah has united our hearts and led us onto this great path. I can only hope and make Dua that this love will increase. Never to decrease.

 You walked into my life. You showed me a whole new way.

A way that led me to Allah.

 I will show you my true devotion.

 My true love which is for the sake of Allah

By Fadia Bint Ismail


My Faithful heart.

You always seem to tear it apart.

The constant heartache.

My emotions are out of control.

My raising pulse. My heart beating, thumping.

The Rage inside of me.

My tears slowly falling as I try to keep my composure.

I do not want to risk Exposure.

The shackles of torment consume my mind.

Tormenting my every thought.

My entire body feels paralyzed this feeling I wish would surpass.

Amidst the darkness I stand ready to set this place ablaze.

Ready to free myself from the shackles of torment which consumes my faithful heart.

The stirring feeling inside my heart drives me to the brink of depression.

My head in my palms, the wailing of my voice.

Set me free from this oppression.

Release me from the torment.

Protect my Faithful Heart.

Hope and Faith


By Fadia Bint Ismail


The Bleeding aching feeling inside my heart.

The pain that is tearing me part. It keeps getting stronger.

My Body feels paralyzed my knees and head on the ground.

I am crying out. “Allah please help me, please take this pain away”

My eyes sweltering with tears the warmness of my sorrow.

My endless suffering suffocating my entire soul.

The Quran in the palm of my hands.

Every word uttered makes me wail even more, but unknowingly the sense of calmness surrounds me.

As I repeat” Allah is sufficient for me, there is none worthy of worship besides Him”

The anguish and despair in my heart slowly dissipates.

The coolness of my eyes dries up.

The sense of relief yet sweet embrace of Allah surrounds my heart.

The feeling of Hope and Faith is once again restored.

Be Grateful



By Fadia Bint Ismail


Every day I sit and wonder how we take this life for granted.

Be Grateful my mind says…Be Grateful.

The sky, the sun and the moon. Allah created.

Every creation on this earth Allah created in such a special way that we

Should be grateful.

I see the suffering. The oppressed and the poverty so how then can I be


How can I feel like my life is worthless.

I am Grateful. I am Grateful.

You have given me life; you open my eyes each day.

Alhamdulillah are the words I repeat.

O Allah you return my soul each morning to show me my life has meaning.

I Am Grateful.

When our path leads us onto difficulty, this is Allah’s way of guiding us to

something better.


Be Grateful.

Through difficulty comes ease this is Allah’s promise to us.

Our eyes, our sight and all our senses are gifts from Allah.

Be Grateful.

Our souls, our hearts, the air we breathe are Allah’s gifts.

Be Grateful.

Our very existence is the

Qalam of Allah.

Be Grateful for Allah has chosen you.

Be Grateful for Allah will never abandon you

Allah’s Gifts

By Fadia Bint Ismail.

Droplets of rain on my window pane.

My eyes watching as each tiny little drop falls slowly to the ground.

I close my eyes imagining how it must feel upon my face. The calming relief as though Allah is washing my sins away.

Different seasons for each time of the year, these are truly Allah’s Gifts.

As I stand the rain gently brushes against my face, Allah’s Raghmah is taking place.

I spread out my hands catching the raindrops with in it. O Allah Alhamdulilah for showering your mercy upon me.

I feel warmness upon my face as I open my eyes. The rain has stopped. The sun has risen. O Allah Your beauty is amazing. This beauty only you can create.

The glistening blue sky, the sweet scented flowers.

O Allah Your Gifts are sublime. O Allah you have brought beauty to my life.

O Allah you are Al Khaliq, The Creator, You are Al Kabir, The most Great. Your beauty is everlasting.

O Allah these are Your Gifts.

My Uncontrollable Mind

By Fadia Bint Ismail


Pondering, wondering a million thoughts all together.

There is no Peace.

Why? What If? This did not happen in my life. Why did it happen?

I stop myself.

I AM A MUSLIM. A sense of calmness overwhelms me.

Knowing there is a higher power that is in control.

How can I question My Rabb.

How can I find displeasure in his Decree.


O My Rabb. You test those whom you Love the Most.

Guiding them on the Siraatul Mustaqeem.


I am on my Knees. My hands are raised.

Supplicating to you to ease my suffering,

I lower my head realizing how I have come to this point.


I have become my worst enemy.

Ignoring the voice in my head.

Ignoring the whispers of the Angels.


My actions and my thoughts have lead me onto this dark path.

O My Rabb. Illuminate my path with your Noor.

O My Rabb. Forgive me.

Allow me to start each day in obedience to you.


They say when tears flow from your eye’s it is either happiness or sorrow.

My tears are filled with sorrow.


My tears are filled with my disobedience toward you.


Accept my repentance. Allow my tears to cool my eyes.

I realize now that you do not withhold things to punish me.

But to leave my hands empty to receive what is better for me.

WAL ASR. By the Token of Time man is at a state of Loss.

O My Rabb let me not fall into this state.

Let my mind not wonder into procrastination; let my thoughts not attract the evil plot of Shaytaan.

Help me to attain Ihsaan. Emaan and Taqwah.

When I am supplicating to you, O Allah….

Facing you brings peace and tranquillity.

O Allah allow me to remain in this state.

Cure me from my own destruction.


My Mind. My Thoughts are out of control.


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