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Ramadan Dairies 1439

By Fadia Bint Ismail


Every Ramadan i write a story reflecting upon my Ramadan and every year i re look at it and realize that Alhamdulilah every new Ramadan has brought more and more Khair and Barakah.

We are in the last ten days of Ramadan Alhamdulilah. I can truly say that this Ramadan has been totally different for me, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Going into Ramadan i had so many things i wanted to achieve and focus on and of course life plays a huge part of how things will pan out and i needed to find a constant balance especially when you work full-time and study part time i needed to find time in my day too do other things that did not include Dunyah activities.

Whether it may be , more time in Nemaaz (especially Nafl prayers like Tahajjud , Salaatul Hajaah , Tasbeeh etc) , Reading Islamic books or reading Quraan.

As hard as it sounds i think having the right intentions plays a big part, and if you do not have the right intentions nothing will go smoothly.

One thing we need to remind ourselves about continuously is that everyday is never the same , and every Ramadan can never be the same , imagine for a second if everyday was the same then how else would we push ourselves to do even better.

For me when i think of life in general i see my Deen as primary and everything else in my life is secondary, and i think when you continue to have this in your heart and mind life will be more bearable and you will appreciate things more because you know that Allah is control of all things.

This Ramadan has really emphasized this point even more for me and has strengthen my Yaqeen in Allah even more.

This Ramadan has truly been a month of deeper reflection and there are some days when i am driven to tears because of how different it feels and part of me cannot explain the feeling but it is a feeling of being completely immersed , like even if so many bad things occurred it just flows over you like nothing , like there no effect, like Allah is shielding you completely from all bad things and he is protecting you.

In this last 10 tens of Ramadan let us all focus on Thikr and calling unto Allah in his blessed beautiful names and sincerely ask for his forgiveness and to lead us onto the Siratul Mustaqeem.

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself




By Fadia Bint Ismail



I listened too a few lectures by Mufti Menk on various topics in relation to contentment, happiness and sadness, his words were so profound and it till this day it stuck with me ever since then.

I think the one thing many of us suffer from is sadness and finding true happiness and contentment and what do we do when we become sad ? did you ever think about it ?

So after listening to the lectures i realized, what is it that we need to do when we feel sad. Well first you need to reflect on the key critical things in your life that may be the reason why we feel sad or depressed.

  • How is your relationship with Allah
  • How is your Nemaaz (Salaah)
  • Have you lost focus (This could be another cause of why we feel sad when we dont realize and remind ourselves that this life is temporary)
  • Are you developing your link with Allah daily
  • Appreciation , are we thanking Allah everyday for our blessings  (Alhamdulilah Ala Kulli Haal)
  • Have you drifted away from Allah
  • How is your heart , is it clean or do you harbor hatred

These are just a few things that could be lacking in our lives which will eventually cause us to become sad and depressed because we do not work on our relationship with Allah daily.

We need to realize that everything is by the Will of Allah , Good or Bad and when a believer calls out to Allah , Allah will respond.

Sometimes we are searching for contentment and happiness but we are looking for it in all the wrong things because contentment is only found in Allah

Think about this for a second…a Believer and a Non Believer will both be in pain but the difference is that when a believer is in pain he will have faith and will be able to face that difficulty knowing that Allah is his guide. A Non Believer will not be able to face it. Realize that hardship is a mercy from Allah……And even if you do not get what you want keep on asking and if you still do not get it then realize that Allah has something even better planned

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself


By Fadia Bint Ismail



You ever get that feeling when you do something or someone tells you something and it is as though it was meant to be in your path ? One particular thing happened to me recently , It may mean absolutely nothing but when i thought about it deeply and researched and understood it i realized this was something that was meant to happen….

So i sat speaking to someone and they mentioned a particular verse too me from the Quran , a verse from one of my favourite surah’s , Surah Ar Rahman and the verse was “Fabbi Ayyi-Allah i – Rabbikuma Tukathibani” Then which of the favours. Of your Lord will you deny” and so after this i never gave it much thought but then i started doing a painting with this verse and it just resonated more and more in my heart, and then a week or two after that i once again had a random conversation with someone else on general Islamic knowledge, Umrah and Hajj and then as the conversation ended the same verse was recited too me. SubanAllah….!!! if that is not Allah’s way of speaking too me then i dont know but my heart feels strange at this point.

I am actually really wondering what it all means but then i looked deeper into the meaning of that verse and tried to understand Allah’s words.

Perhaps Allah is speaking to me , Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny …..I think for me Allah is reminding us not to forget the bounties and favors that surround us. HE created the heavens and the earth and surely HE is all knowing , All seeing and that no matter what we are faced with daily we should remember that Allah has bestowed great favors upon us and if someone harms, or oppressors you surely Allah will take them too account for their actions.

I know sometimes we loose faith in certain things when we feel bogged down with what life throws at us , but this life is after all Temporary and it will never be filled with happiness, happiness ONLY lies in being with Allah  and being in Jannah, that is when we will never feel any sadness.

This is what that one verse truly means for me and many of us will have different interpretations.

This is a reminder first and foremost for myself

I make Dua that this Ramadan is a great blessing to the entire Muslim Ummah


By Fadia Bint Ismail

I came across a short post i read that said

“Sincerity has been known to change a persons course in life. It has been known to elevate prayers and deflect harm miraculously. It has been known to put you in the path of others and also put those you need on your path. It has been known to shake mountains so no obstacles stand in your way and it has been known to shake trees, so you always have provision. Sincerity is all your really need to make it through this world”

When ever i sit i read this daily as a reminder that all one really needs in life is sincerity. I think the most difficult part of life is trying to find those that are truly sincere and there are moments when you isolate yourself from everyone , from all the negativity and all those who could potentially hurt you or harm you in some way or another, but then i think sincerity starts with yourself first and even if there are a thousand people in this Dunyah who are evil or have no sincerity at all i think as a person as a believing Muslim no matter what we should always be sincere even to those who have wronged us.

It is like they say , if someone has wronged you do not let your heart become hardened, let your heart remain soft that is when you know you sincerely have Taqwa and Sincerity in your heart.

Even when people try to break your spirit and have no words of encouragement and you feel like your entire self is imploding and you are so over taken with emotion from mere harsh words we should try to always remain calm and sincere and to realize that Allah is testing those who harm us and even ourselves in the manner in which we handle others, and when we remain patient and endure and persevere surely Allah’s mercy will come.

So be Sincere at all times NO matter who tries to break you!!!

A Reminder first and foremost to myself sincerity-and-truth

Daily Struggles

By Fadia Bint Ismail


If you live with how you are going to fair on the Day of Qiyaamah Allah will take you into his mercy , so never loose hope in the mercy of Allah

Those words play in my head daily , but i struggle sometimes with keeping negative thoughts under wraps by eliminating them with positive thoughts

Everyday is a struggle and i guess when we are faced with difficult things , Allah is shaping us into a better person and that is one thought i keep in mind whenever i feel depressed

There is not a single human being on this planet who could say, oh my life is perfect , I do not have negative thoughts or struggles. Let me tell you , you are only kidding yourself!! You may not be facing any difficulties but rest assured that Allah will test us even when we have a lot and even when we have very little. This test is a continuous affirmation that we should only rely solely in Allah and that all abundance and risq is only from Him.

I think one of the greatest attachments a lot of us have , is being attached to people and i am also guilty of this. When we depend to much on people we allow them to have a space in our heart which should only be filled with the Love of Allah. When we find ourselves heart broken , or disappointed with those attachments trust me you feel like you crumbling and your heart feels like its breaking into a million pieces. Now if you continuously make a conscious decision to say La ilaha illAllah daily reminding ourselves that there is NO God worthy of worship except Allah your heart will find peace and You will find inner peace to let go of all those attachments you and I are holding onto….

Another thing we are also guilty of is comparing our lives to those around us. You look at those that are married and you think why am i not married, You look at those that have a successful job or a wonderful life and you think why am i struggling. Have you ever thought that even though they have all those things that secretly those people are also suffering but in their own way. They may be unhappy in their marriage, or unhappy in their job and we will not know and that is between them and Allah. I know it is hard to have a positive thought in this circumstance, I know the struggle but we should start being grateful that what ever we have Allah has given it to us and it is filled with immense blessings , And maybe Allah knows that if he had to give us more it may over burden us or destroy us, so Allah gives us things when the time is right for us Inshallah and Allah will never give us something that we cannot bare.

I think the key to attaining contentment and inner peace is too fill our lives with positive things. There are a few things that i do daily that helps me get through each day and believe me that its a daily battle but we need to have firm believe and faith in Allah too guide us each and every day Inshallah. So i will share a few of my daily tasks

  1. Wake up for Tahajjud , and if you cannot wake up on your own set your alarm (eventually when it becomes a part of your daily life believe me Allah will wake you up without your alarm going off, have you ever heard the Athaan in your ear and you wake up and its not the Athaan, this can happen trust me)
  2. Make Salaatul Hajaah daily if there is a need you would like Allah to fulfill
  3. Recite your Kuls 3 times after each Nemaaz
  4. Spend more time in Sujood and the weight of this world will become lighter
  5. Recite Surah Yaseen after each Nemaaz and before Fajr and you will be happier the entire day
  6. Read self help books (I Suggest Islamic books as there are many Quranic verses and Hadith that can help you)
  7. Purify your intentions and belief in Allah constantly by taking deep breaths and closing your eyes imagining only positive thoughts
  8. Surround yourself with good people who constantly remind you of Allah (And if you are feeling let down by people, then be with those that bring the best out in you)
  9. Thikr every evening after Esha (I recite Durood 11 times, Astagfirullah 11 times then Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een and Durood 11 times thereafter) , this was recommended to me by my Moulana
  10. And most importantly recite Quraan daily and reflect on its meanings (What i like to do also is close my eyes and go to any page and recite a verse and then read its meaning, this will help you overcome whatever you are feeling because through that verse Allah gives guidance)

Those are my daily tasks, You do not have to do all of it at once everyday maybe choose one to do daily but most importantly stick to your 5 times Nemaaz daily and try and make it on time

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself and I hope Inshallah that whoever is struggling with everyday life and issues you may be facing that Allah puts goodness and ease in your path Inshallah

Having True Yaqeen

By Fadia Bint Ismail

How much Yaqeen do we truly have in Allah (SWT) ?

This is a question i ask myself each and everyday and sometimes i think to myself i know for a fact that i have full faith in Allah’s decree…but sometimes what i think is not what my heart is feeling

This may be a continued struggle for many and I myself am prone to human error and i have those moments where perhaps my Eemaan is not at the level i desire it to be but there is a huge difference between someone who strives and struggles in cause of Allah than to one who just does not do anything but think oh well i can live like i want and there will be no consequences…i am sure you have tried both ways i sure have…

But what is better…? Think about it

So how much Yaqeen do you truly have ?  do you honestly rely soley in the decree of Allah after you have decided upon something, do you honestly wait to know whether it is good or bad for you ?

I think everyday of our lives we should re-evaluate what our position with Allah is ?

Just do one thing after making Dua after your pray Nemaaz and seriously take one deep breathe and ask Allah to take control of your life completely and put a hold on anything that is not good for you as much as you feel that the thing you want and desire is good for me Allah has other plans for you, ask HIM to provide you with contentment and decide what is is you want and go for it and just focus on the path Allah shows you, it will be better and more fulfilling than anything you could ever desire.

You know what is even more resilient is when you clearly see what Allah is showing you i think that is when you realize and will know how strong your Yaqeen is.

So think about these few points

  1. What level is my Eemaan on
  2. How do i determine how strong my Yaqeen is
  3. Make Dua and truly ask Allah too take control of your life
  4. Let things be and trust that Allah will guide you in the right time
  5. Desire Allah;s love and nothing else
  6. Try and remove unwanted things from your heart and start to heal and fill your heart with the love of Allah

Inshallah this is a reminder first and foremost to myself

May Allah allow us to be steadfast and remain strong in our Deen Inshallah




Be InLove With Allah




By Fadia Bint Ismail

Every Ramadan is different, the experiences, our mindset and basically most things. For me this Ramadan is one of the best, mentally, physically and emotionally. It has brought me more inner peace and contentment and changing truly how I look at life.

It is like a scholar once said if your Eemaan is sincere it turns into light and you can only truly have Eemaan if you try and change your bad habits.

I think the best part of Ramadan is that we are more in control of ourselves, we have a purpose that we are working toward  and creating a better connection with our creator.

We all struggle with our connection with our creator at times and even when we are praying everything around us seems to distract us, I can truly say it takes a lot to be able to truly find complete khushi and contentment in prayer…..but Allah(SWT) is so merciful he calls us back to him each and everyday.

I know that in Ramadan Shaytaan is tied up and we don’t have his whispers to sway us but the battle with our own nafs in this month is greater, what you do in this month is from yourself we cannot blame Shaytaan and even after Ramadan we cannot fully blame Shaytaan either,because he whispers to us but it is our own self that gives into that temptation and on the day of Qiyamah when you want to blame him, he will say “I only whispered to you”. Ultimately what I am trying to say is that for me this battle in this Holy Month of Ramadan has been a great reflection for myself and the path I would like to see myself on.

A few things I have learnt in this short time is that we need to fall completely inlove with Allah. Our main aim in our life should be to please our creator. We should allow our hearts and our minds to be fully controlled by Allah…I promise you by doing this you will be more happy and contented, I know that it is difficult and trust me I myself struggle with this because you think but what are you saying…shouldn’t I love my muslim brother or sister…no that is not what I am saying I mean be so Inlove with Allah that nothing can affect your heart and mind. Be so inlove with Allah that every battle every struggle you face doesn’t bring you to the brink of destruction and remember that Allah tests those he loves the most. 🙂 that to me already makes me love Allah even more.

Bottom line….this Ramadan the beauty of it I cannot explain and I hope my words can give you a sense of the way I feel…Happy…contented and focused

Fall inlove with Allah  everyday …..then tell me how you feel

A reminder to myself first and foremost 🙂

Wslm …Ramadan Kareem to one and all

The Value of Success

By Fadia Bint Ismail

What is the True Value of Success ?

We all have many goals, desires and fantasies which I believe are always attainable it just depends on how we go about achieving success which will determine whether or not it is truly valuable and beneficial to our lives.

Sometimes we believe that we will study become rich or to become famous and that those successes fulfill us but the more we want the more unsatisfied we become, when this starts to happen then the true value of success is completely lost to us.

Well a little about myself…I strived to make sure that I worked hard where secular education was concerned I think after a period of time this goal became so vapid that I lost interest in the purpose of it and thus Allah lead me onto a different path I guess I can say there is a certain period in our lives that some how or the other we are lead onto a different path…you see this is a test from Allah and he gives us things that He feels is the best for us, and so I let go of my desire to work for the corporate world and my life had more balance. I think if I had to work immediately in that type of environment I would of suffered just as how they say to much of a good thing can destroy a person.

So to me the True Value of Success is having

  1. Balance in ones life

Balance in ones life means being able to achieve our goals but with the belief that everything in our lives has a purpose and that purpose is that Allah provides us with the ability to achieve our goals and to truly achieve the actual true value of success is only when we realize this fact.

We may be rich and famous but if our lives are so consumed only by what we need materially and we forget that All things come from our creator then that is not True Success.

We can all become successful but it is how we go about our daily lives, what our inner souls possess, what we feel our key purpose on this Dunyah is that will determine our Value of Success.




By Fadia Bint Ismail


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Allah the exalted says: “So hasten towards all that is good” (2.148)

Fail I alone, in words and deeds? Why, all men strive and who succeeds?

It is incumbent on all of us to strive toward doing good deeds, whether it is giving of what you love to others, doing charity or struggling in the cause of Allah.

These are indeed attributes that every believer should have.

The Messenger of Allah has told us that we should hasten to do good deeds before we are over taken by seven afflictions.

The only way to succeed in life is to do good deeds. Take Hazrat ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab RadhiAllaahu Anhu for example he was the second Khalifah in Islamic History and he was a companion of our beloved Prophet (SAW). I recently watched a program about Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA) and it brought me to tears literally, all I could think of was where such exemplary people are in today’s generation. When he did any trade, when he spoke, when he preached he did it with such esteem, with justice and honesty. When he was in the market place doing trade a man wanted to earn extra profit and give Umar Ibn al Khattab (RA) a cut of the profit but this would be done by betraying and cheating his friends, of course Umar Ibn al Khattab told the man he could not do that because corruption breeds evil fruits. SubanAllah. Today when people trade or sell goods they do not care what duress another individual is under, they will lie and cheat just to get a quick buck. It is really sad.

There are numerous ways of doing good deeds, Allah the exalted says” “And whatever you do of good deeds, truly Allah knows it well” (2.215)

The act of saving people from harm and loss is greatly liked by Allah no matter how small it is. In every glorification of Allah there is Sadaqah, in every Takbeer and in every celebration of praise there is Sadaqah and in every declaration that he is One is Sadaqah and enjoining of good and forbidding evil.

It is a true fact and I see it a lot that many Muslims believe doing many good things at once will automatically make them a good Muslim. It is good that we want to do many good things but Allah loves it more when we do an action that is done regularly. It is also quite evident that when take on many things at once it tires an individual quicker than someone who does things in moderation.

So how do we succeed in doing good deeds?

  • Having patience
  • Justice and dealing with equity
  • Putting our trust in Allah
  • Perfection of ones work
  • Rescuing those in need
  • Being kind and gentle towards others
  • Repentance
  • Having piety
  • Doing good
  • Purification
  • Humility
  • Reflection of Allah’s grace
  • Magnanimity
  • Virtuosity
  • Loftiness
  • Justice
  • Strength
  • Love for the Sake of Allah
  • Forgiving others
  • Continuous performance of righteous deeds
  • Good manners and conduct


What really matters to Allah is faith and piety, people who are modest and humble are rich in faith and piety, they lead a life of success in doing good deeds.

Why not make a list of goals or good things you would like to achieve and spend some time doing each one, one at a time in moderation. For example giving charity, perhaps devote a few hours each week to a charity, shelter or home. Other good deeds are Nafl (optional) prayers or specific Dua’s.

Inshallah, I hope that we will strive toward doing good deeds no matter how big or small they are.


By Fadia Bint Ismail




Allah exalted says: “And in Allah (alone) let the believers put their trust (14.11); then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah put your trust in Allah(3.159), and whosoever puts his trust in Allah then Allah will suffice him(65.3). “The believers are only those who when Allah is mentioned feel a fear in their hearts and when his verses (the Quran) are recited unto them they increase their faith and put their trust in their Rabb (Alone)” (8.2)

What does it mean to have firm belief and perfect reliance on Allah? Even in the worst circumstances one should always have faith and trust in Allah.
Take birds for instance, people should have hearts like birds that do not collect to keep in reserve; they go out every morning to collect food. Unlike us humans who collect and store things when it actual fact it is unnecessary which should know that if we truly have firm faith and rely solely in Allah surely he will provide for us like he provides for the birds.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “A group of people (both men and women) whose hearts will be like the hearts of birds, will enter Jannah”

Sometimes we all feel we have to hoard certain things, whether it is physical, material or emotional we as human beings tend to accumulate everything that is unnecessary. We should live in the present, we cannot change the past and we cannot foresee the future. Instead we should put our trust in Allah and believe that he truly knows what is best for us.
We should continuously try to renew ourselves, renew our faith. Inshallah

Bismillah tawwakkaltu alAllah wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah (I begin with the name of Allah, I trust in Allah, there is no altering of conditions but by the power of Allah)




This is a reminder first and foremost to myself and then to others.

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