Asalaamualaikum Sisters and Brothers In Islam

As you are well aware the crisis in Palestine is increasing daily. I thought i should speak out and bring awareness to this extremely heart breaking situation.  I am a Muslim Alhamdulilah and when i see my Muslim brothers and sisters suffering it brings tears to my eyes. Islam is a religion of peace and no where does it promote such violence or genocide. We are taught to love everyone whether they are Muslim or Non-Muslim we are unable to know someones true faith or what is in their hearts only Allah (GOD) can know our true state of being.

So as the bombs rain down on our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Palestine we should all stand together in Solidarity and make Dua to Almighty Allah to bring justice to those who are being oppressed and to rid this Dunyah(World) from all the evil and mayhem that these oppressors are causing.

I work for an NGO (Non Profit Organisation). Muslim Hands. In 2012 our field offices in Palestine was under attack. Thankfully none of our staff members were injured in the attack. But we made an international call to Gaza where we could hear the air strikes and the bombs raining down onto innocent civilians. One can only imagine the horrifying experience those Palestinian men and women face daily. Imagine not knowing whether your children or mother or father will be alive the next day only to be taken away by Israeli army or by Israeli weapons that kill hundreds of Palestinians daily.

Where is the Muslim Ummah?  Where is those Muslim countries who sit by and watch this crisis increase when will they step in?

We have presidents like Barak Obama who Aid and support the Israeli’s execution and massacre of those innocent civilians in Palestine who gave him the power to authorize anything.

Whoever you are do not be afraid to speak out and remember Allah answers and accepts all our Dua’s especially in this blessed Holy Month of Ramadaan. So my Muslim Brothers and Sisters i urge you to broadcast what is happening so the rest of the world can see the truth.

Do not believe false media coverage which will portray false-hood this is the Zionist Jews who are showing you false images, video’s.

Palestine Will be Free.