1. Allah called His Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم _An Abd_. 

a) His associate.

b) His inspiration.

c) An ‘Abd (Servant)

d) His noor.

3. What is the meaning of As-Sirat Al-Mustakhim? (2 Marks)

It means the straight path. in islamic context it is interpretated as the right path, islamic faith or that which pleases God. this is included when the believer recites Surah Al Fathiha.

4. What are the 10 contradicting aspects of Islam ?

1) Shirk, in worshipping Allah

 2) Taking other creatures as means of worshipping

3) Who does not consider polytheist disbelievers

4) Who believes that the guidance of the prophet is less perfect than others guidance

 5) Whoever hates something of what the prophet has been sent with

6) Whoever mocks what the prophet has been sent with

7) Magic 8) Supporting and Aiding polytheist against believers

9) Whoever thinks he can live away from the islamic law is a disbeliever

 10) Turning away from the religion of Allah, not learning it or teaching it is disbelief

5. Write one of the opening Supplications. (Supplication to be recited at the beginning of the Salaat after Takbeer).  (2 Marks)

Allahumma baAAid baynee wabayna khatayaya kama baAAadta baynal-mashriqi walmaghrib, allahumma naqqinee min khatayaya kama yunaqqath-thawbul-abyadu minad-danas, allahummagh-silnee min khatayaya biththalji walma/i walbarad.Subhanakal-lahumma wabihamdika watabarakas-muka wataAAala jadduka wala ilaha ghayruk.Wajjahtu wajhiya lillathee fataras-samawati wal-arda haneefan wama ana minal-mushrikeen, inna salatee wanusukee wamahyaya wamamatee lillahi rabbil-AAalameen, la shareeka lahu wabithalika omirtu wa-ana minal-muslimeen. Allahumma antal-maliku la ilaha illa ant. anta rabbee wa-ana AAabduk, thalamtu nafsee waAAtaraftu bithanbee faghfir lee thunoobee jameeAAan innahu la yaghfiruth-thunooba illa ant.wahdinee li-ahsanil-akhlaqi la yahdee li-ahsaniha illa ant, wasrif AAannee sayyi-aha la yasrifu AAannee sayyi-aha illa ant, labbayka wasaAAdayk,walkhayru kulluhu biyadayk, washsharru laysa ilayk, ana bika wa-ilayk, tabarakta wataAAalayt, astaghfiruka wa-atoobu ilayk.

6. Write the Second Tashahud. (At-Tahiyyat & Durood Ibrahim)

Durood Ibrahim- Al laa hum ma sol li alaa saydinna Muhammad wa all aali saydinaa Muhammad , Komaa sol lay taa Alaa saydinna Ibraaheem, Wa alaa aali saydinna Ibraaheem, wa baarik alaa saydinna Muhammad , was alaa aali saydinna Muhammad , Kamaa baa rakta saydinna Ibraaheem , wa alaa aali saydinna Ibraaheem Fil Aalameen in naka ha mee dum majeed. At Tahiyyat- At Tahiyyaatul Mu baarakaatus sala waatuttay yibbatu lil laah, as salaamu Alayka ayya Han Nabiy yu wara matil laa hi wabara kaatuh. As Salaamu alaynaa wa alaa ibaadil laa his saaliheen, Ash hadu an laa ilaaha il lal laahu wa ash hadu an na muham madar ra soolul laah

7. The person raises up the head from the first prostration saying “ALLAHU AKBAR“, and sits up resting on the left foot keeping it ______Flattened on the ground__ while keeping the right foot __Erect________ with the toes of the right foot firmed on the ground. While in this position, both palms are to be placed on the knees/thighs and the person recites the following supplication:

__Rab bigh Fir lee War ham nee Waj burnee war fa nee war zuk nee wah di nee wa aafinee wa fu an nee.

8. Prophet S.A.W. said, “Adjust your prostration, keep straight in it and _Stretch not your hands on the ground____ as dogs do”

9.  How did Abu Talib’s death affect the Prophet (S.A.W)?

After the death, of Abu Talib, the defence walls of interior and exterior crumbled down, neither society, nor home, were no longer providing companionship, The Holy Prophet was left alone in a hostile atmosphere, the Prophet became dejected and depressed.

10. Write three adab of making Du’a

1) faithfulness to Allah

2) to start with thanking allah and praising him and then giving Salat on the Prophet (SAW)

3) To ask Allah by his names and attributes

11. True or False

a)  Earning and consuming lawful things are important conditions for acceptance of our supplications (du’a) by Allah


b) It is the right of some scholars apart from Allah to tell us what are permissible and what are not.False

c) If a person wants to repent after stealing he should give the money he stole in charity. False

d) Muslims need to be aware of the ingredients of the food in the restaurant or packed/canned foods, especially if they are imported. We need to ensure that they are lawful even if they are being sold in a Muslim Country. True

Bonus Q (This can be used as a replacement if any answer is not known or answered incorrectly): –

What are the number of Rakaa’s for the 5 Obligatory Prayers ? Fajr- 2 Rakaa’sThuhr- 4Asr- 4Magrib- 3 Eshaa- 4


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